QK100 : 276480 Ways to Build This

Unibody Case

Unlike traditional 98% and 100% layouts, the QK100 evolved from our QK75 with an improved number pad area. We changed the 0 key to 2U and incorporated major functions from the 100% layout. This minimizes the keyboard's overall size while making input more convenient and efficient. That's why we call it the QK100.

Camping Inspired

This time, we retained the highly acclaimed ice crystal technique from the QK80 and added a new golden ice crystal option. Camping has become a trending topic since the pandemic and we decided to incorporate it into this "office project." As part of the theme, we designed a mountain-shaped pattern on the bottom case.

Internal Design

As the main part of the QK100's theme design, we laser-engraved a camping scene on the anodized Alumunium internal weight. The pattern on the bottom case, together with this design, responds to people's desire to get closer to nature after the long pandemic.